Conference theme

The Conference invites papers that speak directly to the selected conference theme of “Narratives in Family Business”.

In addition, we invite papers on all aspects of family business research, including but not limited to succession, leadership and governance, entrepreneurship, strategy, family relationships, emotions, family psychology and sociology, economics, finance, and accounting, as well as issues that lie at the intersection of these and other interrelated disciplines. All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome as we advance the field in a truly multi-disciplinary, creative, rigorous, reflexive, and critical fashion.

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IFERA2016 program starts off with an enriching pre-conference program for doctoral students, junior faculty as well as those interested in attending a professional development workshop. This is followed by a two day academic program feauturing paper presentations, discussion sessions and poster sessions. The last day of the conference invites academics to interact with family businesses in the IFERA2016 Family Business Day. This is the chance for academics to learn new insights from the field and also bounce off their concepual ideas in engaging conversations with family business leaders and members.

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ZICA Virus Concerns

For those interested in attending the IFERA conference in Bogota Colombia who are concerned with the ZICA virus we wanted to explain that Bogotá is not a high risk area for the virus to develop. Bogota is located at an altitude of 2600 meters (8530 feet) above sea level and the virus has primarily been in areas that are below 2200 meters (7217 foots) above the sea level.

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IFERA 2016 Roleski Best Family System Constructs 

Research Paper/Case Award

International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA)


This IFERA CALL FOR PAPERS/CASES will encompass any theories, conceptualizations, or empirical treatment of the family system associated with the family business along with an emphasis on the constructs of this family system. The purpose of this award to encourage family business research which makes a contribution to the enhancement of family constructs in family business models. 

The award winning paper/case must fully recognize that businesses and families are inextricably interconnected. This implies that family businesses are best studied from the perspective of how the family and business interrelate with one another over time. The family firm is deeply rooted in its owning family and its family dynamics and life course as well as its business dimension and activities which are often the manifestations of the underlying family. There needs to be a demonstrated contribution toward a more robust modeling and theory development for future research as well as the improvement of family business research by incorporating family constructs into research questions, chosen frameworks, design/methodology/analysis, and implications.


Papers considered for this award can embrace an array disciplines including as economics, psychology, sociology, family studies, anthropology, history, and others who study families in detail. These varied perspectives can offer great insights toward a greater understanding of how and when to represent family constructs in our conceptual and empirical models and analyses. The focus could be on the basic concepts and constructs that researchers from these disciplines use in the study of families such as roles, structures, family types, communication types, as examples. Nearly every family business research topic could further embrace family constructs and their possible empirical measures. For example, family firm performance could benefit greatly if it is modeled to include both business and family outcome measures, simultaneously. 


2000 € award sponsored by Roleski of Poland.


  • Author(s) of full papers including case study papers submitted by the conference submission deadline.
  • Only original, unpublished submissions will be considered for this award.
  • A three-member jury will review short-listed papers/cases for this award. 


Papers/cases will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of research focus relative to general or specific family system constructs or related areas of study
  • Potential significance, impact, and contributions of findings on the family business field
  • Concreteness of examples combined with high analytical rigor 


Only online submissions will be accepted by February 2, 2016 at can also find links for online submission at .  No email or hard copies will be accepted.